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Before launching an application or software on the market, you cannot ignore the execution of performance tests. Discover its importance here.

In high-performance sports, athletes are tested through high-impact physical activities to recognize the maximum levels of their bodies. In this way, it is possible to identify the activities that benefit and hinder them, depending on their abilities.

In the software development industry, tests play a role similar to that in sports, aiming to measure a system’s performance under specific workloads. With this, the correct functioning of a computer product is ensured and problems are foreseen in the future.

In this article, we explain what software performance tests are, why they are essential for the life of a computer system, in addition to the benefits they bring to a brand or company.

What is software performance testing?

Performance tests carry out an analysis of the software to determine if it meets the optimal characteristics for its operation. Performance tests help determine how an application’s stability, scalability, responsiveness, and speed hold up under a given workload. It is a type of non-functional test. Application speed and reliability are typically examined when running a performance test.

The process incorporates performance indicators such as:

  1. Page, browser, and network response times.
  2. Processing time that a request and query takes from the server
  3. The number of concurrent users acceptable
  4. CPU memory consumption
  5. The number and type of errors that can be encountered with an application.
This is achieved by subjecting the system to different loads, stress levels, and stability, either in early or advanced stages. For example, when the product is just a short time from its launch, performance tests are applied to simulate scenarios that are almost identical to what its actual use will be.

They can be executed from the earliest stages, during unit tests — to avoid errors later.

Once the performance tests are applied to the completed web application or system, the response time is measured. If it is not as expected, modifications will have to be made to it.

What are the benefits of performance testing?

Nowadays, the importance of software performance tests is becoming more and more crucial.

As proof of this, we can analyze the number of devices connected to the Internet of Things (IoT), which increases over time, and, according to Statista, it is estimated that by 2025 there will be around 30.9 billion devices. including automobiles, smart home appliances, and industrial equipment.

In turn, these types of tests are functional for any type of web application and sales systems that operate through a software system. E-commerce platforms, for example, are a fundamental tool for selling products and services online, made up of open-source fragments that require testing to function effectively.

This implies the creation of software solutions for their correct operation and, therefore, performance tests that validate their operability.

Performance tests keep users happy, and the first impression for customers is crucial. Nearly half of the users expect web and mobile apps to load within 2 seconds. This is a small period to make a good impression before users turn off or prefer to use your competitor’s app.

Below we list some of the most notable benefits of applying software performance tests.

Locate bottlenecks in your system

The slow response in an application can be a sign of a bottleneck, which has an impact on the total operation of a system, and finally on its acceptance by the end customer. A software performance test is responsible for identifying the elements that cause it and prevent its optimal performance.

Identify and locate application performance issues

Load levels on an application can also be evaluated through performance tests, to prevent the system from crashing when used by a large number of users.

Verify compliance with SLAs

Service Level Agreements ( SLAs) are documents that allow the criteria of a product or service to be established between the provider and the customer. In terms of a product, metrics are established that allow measuring the performance of the system and compliance with the requirements established by both parties.

Protect the reputation of your product

The reputation of the brand or the company is always implied during the launch of a product. Hence the importance of ensuring correct operation before being placed in the hands of end users. Software performance testing contributes significantly to meeting these ends.

Guarantee the quality of your system

Software performance tests also serve as quality control before a product is released to the market. With its application, a positive response from the system and customer satisfaction are ensured.

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