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To create a top-notch digital product, you need a dedicated team of developers. But having an unskilled or unwilling developer on your task can create deadlocks. With BainsLabs, you can set yourself free from this worry.
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Trust plays an important role when it is about hiring a remote developer. To ensure a genuine collaboration, we offer a free trial for a short period to experience the level of expertise of BainsLabs developers.

The free trial period is an exercise where BainLabs customers and developers work together for a short time to get a risk-free experience of what real collaboration will look like. There are stages of preparation and development, and both are specific tasks.

After the free trial period, the client will be able to determine if the developer is right for his team, and whether or not the developer understands the client’s requirements. To facilitate the conversation, everything happens under a signed NDA.

The Purpose of The Free Trial

For the Developers


A developer will be developing a feature/module of the proposed solution after analyzing the level of dependencies


This way, the developer will be able to prove that he understands the client’s requirements, expectations, and the goal of the project.


This will enable the developer to understand the pain points and technical challenges associated with the said project.

The Purpose of The Free Trial

For the Customers


The client will be able to calculate risk, module-wise costs, project duration, and total budget. This will further let him decide whether the developer meets his criteria or not.


He will be able to differentiate the quality of work between his prior team (if any) and current team. And, he will get more ideas, when he talks with an expert.


He will be able to judge the potential of his idea. In addition to exploring the potential outcomes for their product, he will be able to draw clear expectations.

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