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Huge amounts of data can be completely useless unless processed to obtain valuable knowledge. Also, there are various challenges related to data collection, processing, and storage.

No denial, there is a positive relationship between IoT and Big Data. As we have discussed in our previous articles IoT products produce a gigantic amount of data. For the best use of the collected data, analysis is important. And, without proper support or big data analytic tools, making those data fields useful is not possible. Practically speaking, these IoT products capture data. Big data works like fuel only if it is processed wisely using AI.

Few Examples

Transport Companies or Delivery Companies

Nowadays, be it a school bus or public transport or uber like service, every owner wants to collect important data about their vehicle like the state of the engine, the number of stops, the speed, the number of kilometers traveled, the quantity of fuel consumed, and other related parameters. Then, using big data tools, the collected data is utilized for operating cost reduction.

Sectors Based on Temperature Conditions

Everybody knows that IoT and Big Data are gaining momentum in sectors based on temperature conditions like ready-to-eat manufacturing units, indoor plantations, food storage shellers, etc. These types of sectors heavily rely on sensors to measure the level of moisture before it reaches the alarming level.

Cloud Technologies

The terms “cloud” and “big data” were just trendy, but we have all seen the enormous impact that these two major technologies have had around the world, in all sectors. The current infrastructure has allowed us to overcome significant data generation, ingestion, and analysis challenges. Beyond the collective IoT scenarios described above, personal body sensors (GPS chips, activity or health data sensors, etc.) have also improved our way of life.
To summarize, we can say there is a strong relationship between IoT and Big Data. Without an intelligent form of data analytics and data science, nothing much can be expected from IoT products.
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