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If statistics are to believe, then according to the latest reports, the number of Smartphone users today is 4.57 billion, and this year it is estimated to increase to 4.68 billion.

No denial, the mobile phone can be used for the most diverse operations like for communicating, entertainment, information, financial transactions, or health monitoring. Overall, we can say that the mobile app development business is at its full pace. Through this article, we tried to find out the top 5 trends of 2021 in mobile development.

AI (Artificial Intelligence) or Machine Learning (Automatic Learning)

Artificial Intelligence or Automatic Learning (AI & Machine Learning) are two of the greatest trends in mobile development. Perhaps, this is the reason; why big companies are investing in virtual assistants or chatbots. Siri, Alexa, or Cortana are a few closely related examples.

Applications using VR technology (Virtual Reality) or AR (Augmented Reality)

Although initially started to be used in the gaming industry, VR and AR technologies are gaining popularity in other industries, as well. The target audience for these applications is generally big companies having their online stores. Before the advent of these technologies, the big downside of online stores was that potential customers can not touch or interact with the product. However, these technologies have solved this problem.

The augmented reality allows customers to try clothing, make-up, or virtual footwear. IKEA, for example, allows users to test certain pieces of furniture right at home for them to see if they match the interior before buying them.

Instant Applications

Next in this trend is instant apps. These are the apps that users can open before installing them. Later, if the user likes it, he can either download or purchase the full version of the application. Through IoT (the Internet of Things) technology, they can create the best experience for users. It is estimated that the market for devices using the Internet of Things will reach 1.3 trillion dollars by 2021.

Cloud Storage Applications

Next in the list is Cloud data storage applications. Application developers will come with a variety of services that are accessible to multiple user categories.

Global data show that the future of mobile applications “sounds good”. Therefore, if you are looking for expert advice regarding your mobile app development project, feel free to contact us. Being a mobile app development company in Toronto, we will be more than happy to assist you.