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In our previous article, we learned about the basics of .NET programming and some of the new features it has to offer. Today, we will be knowing about the 4 main components of the .NET architecture. There are 4 main components of the .NET architecture. Let’s learn about those ones by one.

Common Language Specification

The CLS is a set of features that defines objects so that they can work wherever.NET is. These features are required for most of the commonly used applications. This is a useful key for whatever language is used.

.NET has specified these common elements so that objects created by code can rely on them in the different languages chosen.

Framework Class Library

When we talk about Framework Class Library, we refer to a library of classes, interfaces, and value types that allow access to the different features of the system.

It contains namespaces, most frequently used in the C# programming language. .NET uses these namespaces to organize all classes. Namespaces allow you to manage even large code projects.

Common Language Runtime

The CLR is the runtime that takes care of the execution of .NET programs and also of the framework. In simple terms, it complies code through the JIT compiler, providing additional services such as the garbage collector, primitive types, and low-level classes.

The use of an intermediate language called IL allows the generation of a single portable code on multiple platforms, generating it from a single machine hosting any operating system.

The CLR allows applications to be integrated with various systems while properly managing security, compatibility, and deployment, as the latter is optimized for the host platform.

Tools Like Visual Studio

Visual Studio is one of the best tools for developers. First of all, it allows you to work at any time with anyone since it takes advantage of collaborative writing in real time.

The development environments are hosted on Clouds that allow you to access wherever you are, thus greatly increasing productivity.

Code exploration is also supported by the Cloud and is characterized by high precision even within the workflow.

In addition, the development is based on Artificial Intelligence. It means that you can take advantage of the suggestions proposed by the AI, which learns the changes made locally.

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