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Increase the performance of your business process with an Internet of Things in business. Share your internet of things app development requirements and let our IoT developers take of the rest.

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What We Offer

We build scalable, powerful, and secure Internet of Things applications for Medium and Large Enterprises.

IoT Integration

Our IoT developers can help you with IoT App development and integration. Besides, we can also embed software and firmware into a host of IoT and M2M devices.

IoT Gateway Development

Our IoT developers are specialized in developing virtual software code as an IoT gateway. It is a kind of communication bridge between the cloud server and IoT sensors.

IoT Database Solutions

Our IoT experts know how to deliver scalable solutions with cloud-enabled database systems. We can manage IoT databases efficiently for optimal results.

IoT Consultancy

To have a technology roadmap for your product development is very essential. As a prominent IoT app development company, our IoT consultants can offer insights.

IoT Testing

We are DevOps agency, and we follow CI/CD approach, where testing is a consistent process. This allows us to offer you error-free, secure, and highly optimal solutions.

Module Development

Modules are important in IoT development. We can develop modules that would offer uninterrupted connectivity irrespective of the type of network or location.

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How It Works

We develop rational, logical IoT solutions tailored to your business needs.

Phase 1 – Initial Analysis

We study your company thoroughly, interview key figures, and understand what is the ideal results you want to achieve with an IoT solution.

Phase 2- IoT Project

Based on the objectives to be achieved, we design the ideal IoT solution equipped with all the necessary functionalities. It must be simple and intuitive to use for all involved, but also powerful and complete.

Phase 3 – Prototype Construction

We create the prototype on a technical level, and we integrate it with all the devices that make up the work environment.

Phase 4 – Prototype Validation

We run extensive tests to make sure that the IoT Solution build with BainsLabs works flawlessly, and every member of the network is connected correctly.

Phase 5 – Analysis

We deliver the IoT solution to you, we explain how to best use it, and we remain by your side for any need for technical assistance.

Answers to Your Questions

How expensive are IoT solutions?

It depends on various factors such as the type of application required, the number of connected devices/tools, the number of functions that must be present, the security level, etc. Being an IoT app development company, we can tell that the IoT applications developed for sectors like manufacturing, homes, automotive, sports, and health, are the most expensive ones. As they offer a very high return on investment, their demand is consistently increasing.

How long does it take to develop an IoT solution?

It depends on the complexity of the project and all the factors listed in the previous question. On average, an IoT solution can take 3 to 12 months, but a lot also depends on who will build it. In our case, our IoT developers allow us to speed up times a lot.

What are the benefits of implementing Internet of Things in business?

  • You can control all tools you use with a “voice command.” 
  • You can have insights that no traditional survey or analysis can provide. 
  • You can use the collected data collected to launch new products/services/brands.
  • You can find out with great precision how, and even when, customers use your products.
  • You can monitor the performance of each individual tool/machine, and predict in advance when it will break.
  • You can monitor the conditions of transport of products or materials, and easily track their location. 
  • You can increase the performance of your team, and always have a complete overview of the situation.
  • You can improve the asset/resource sharing capacity within the company.

Why invest in an IoT solution?

As research, in 2022, the number of IoT-connected devices in the world will reach 30 billionDo you think, your business can do without it?

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