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    What is 2 + 8 ?

    The Purpose of The Free Trial
    For the Developers

    • A developer will be developing a feature/module of the proposed solution after analyzing the level of dependencies.
    • This way, the developer will be able to prove that he understands the client’s requirements, expectations, and the goal of the project.
    • This will enable the developer to understand the pain points and technical challenges associated with the said project.

    The Purpose of The Free Trial For the Customers

    • The client will be able to calculate risk, module-wise costs, project duration, and total budget. This will further let him decide whether the developer meets his criteria or not.
    • He will be able to differentiate the quality of work between his prior team (if any) and his current team.
    • In addition to exploring the potential outcomes for their product, he will be able to draw clear expectations.

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