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What’s the fun if you are running an eCommerce website and people are abandoning carts with items they thought of buying? Practically speaking, clear information, fast purchases, secure web, speed of the website, promotions, and the availability of different payment methods are a few of the factors responsible for abandoned carts in eCommerce. In this article, we will be talking about the strategies that can reduce abandoned carts in eCommerce.

Clear Information

Think as a buyer; you won’t buy anything with unclear price information. Therefore, it is highly recommended to show the price of the products + delivery charges (if any) at the first step. If you observe Amazon closely, they do follow this strategy. They offer a clear picture of cost — prices, taxes, discounts, delivery charges, coupons, etc.

Delivery Times

We all hate to wait. One simply cannot afford to wait any longer. Despite knowing that deliveries do take time, we still want our items to reach us as quickly as possible. In other words, delivery delays do hurt buying decisions. Therefore, you must show the ETAs before a user makes up his mind about paying.

Purchase Without Enrollment

Don’t die for subscriptions or memberships. Instead, acquisition with a guest session can boost your sales. This allows potential customers to learn about the site, view products, read about prices, and return policies, explore product options, and then be motivated to sign up for future purchases.

Data Collection Points

Instead of asking users to fill out lengthy forms, it is better to ask for the required information. The process of data collection should be automatic. Remember that the longer the time gap, the less likely you are to buy something. Therefore, request only limited information and allow the autosave of certain data. Customers will spend less time providing information and will not become bored as a result.

Product Reviews

Users are intelligent now, and they know how to tell whether a review posted on a product is real or fake. Therefore, avoid posting a fake or paid review because it can seriously damage your product’s reputation. It is highly recommended to have positive reviews about the purchase, delivery, and quality of the product. This lets other people decide why they should buy the merchandise.

Payment Modes

Not everyone uses credit cards, and not everyone prefers net banking for a $10-$15 product. Nowadays, everybody prefers using UPIs and EMIs. Therefore, it is highly recommended to integrate various payment methods, from the most conventional to the newest ones.

Purchase/Shipping Steps

I either won’t be buying a product or will change my mind about buying it from a particular eCommerce store, if the purchase process takes more than 5 minutes. Therefore, we strongly recommend reducing the number of steps to complete a purchase. If the process is long, the consumer will get bored and abandon the transaction.

Portal Speed

Again, I won’t be buying from a website that takes ages to get fully loaded. Website page speed matters the most. Like other websites, if an eCommerce website takes more than 30 seconds, there is a heavy chance that a buyer will not buy the product. Hence, we recommend optimizing the images or saving the files in the cache.

Promotions And Coupons

Last but not least, do keep launching eye-catching promotions from time to time. Did you ever notice, how Amazon launched festival sales? In addition, offering free shipping at certain times or promotions on special days is a good technique. Also, never forget to make noise about your products on different social networks and sales channels.
During our tenure, we have learned that many eCommerce website owners choose to invest more in other areas than in the right platform. And, as a result, they face losses. Being experts, we highly recommend hiring an expert to create your e-commerce website according to the business objectives and their needs. Share your requirements, and our experts will be in touch with you.