Complete Logistics Solution Driver App

Coding an App for The Relentless Drives


Through Driver App, our native app developers were to build a digital logistics solution with custom features that can guarantee secure, flexible, dispute free delivery of assignments without compromising the profitability. Unlike other published automotive delivery apps, we were assigned this job of building a mobile application with zero tolerance for the disputes.

Our goal was to provide a mobile app that allows the drivers to check and complete and upload the condition reports even where the internet connection was spotty.

Design & Build

After a thorough ideation session, we started with our mobile app development . The design was created to keep the stylesheet consistent with the branding of the client. The app was envisioned to provide real time data of the location of the driver, status of the load and the ECR reports. The developers also added features according to the requirement to integrate LYFT and UBER into the app to enable the drivers to book for those services from within the app. Electronic signatures and various pictures were also captured to provide real time data as the driver progressed through the load. Thus, high level of customization.



The app released to the market and delivers what is was designed for, allowing the over the road drivers to complete their loads by receiving the loads in real time and submitting the loads in real time, which is faster, efficient and secure. The drivers continue to use the app to complete hundreds of orders each day.

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