Checkin App

Paperless Management of Vehicles in Transit or Warehouse


The companies dealing with vehicle rentals or vehicle warehousing usually have a large fleet of vehicles of different types. Therefore, they must have good management that allows them to make the most of their business.

The primary goal of the Checkin App was to remove the hindrances and offer a paperless solution that car-rental and car-warehousing service providers can use to keep a vehicle track record (damage, mileage, depreciation, etc.) within healthy limits.

Design & Build

Besides aligning the databases and integrating several geolocations APIs, VIN scanning, picture uploading, local system (app user’s mobile phone) to back-end server-synching, and password management were a few other challenges. Keeping the internet choke points in mind, our native app developers were to build it in a way, where the user can complete the record updating process regardless of internet connectivity loss for a certain period.


After completing several mobile app developmental procedures, we were able to build a digitally marveled mobile app solution that dynamically handles most of the record-keeping tasks, and stores them (paperlessly) in a digitally secure environment.

The update process requires system-generated login credentials (provided by the app owner/admin). After logging in, the user can upload the required information (data and pictures). The complete information is stored to your VIN (vehicle identification number), which can be scanned through a VIN scanner. VIN scanner reduces the margin of errors when capturing information. As planned, the update process can run in both environments; the internet or no-internet. As soon as the user comes in the radius of internet connectivity, the app automatically fetches the locally stored data and completes the update process. Therefore, no loss of information.

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