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In this age of social media, not having a social media presence can cost your business a lot. Like Facebook and Twitter, over the last couple of years, Instagram has become increasingly popular.
However, what is the use of having an Instagram business account devoid of followers and interactions? In this article, we will talk about 10 tips to get more followers on Instagram.

Never Lose Hopes

Increasing followers and likes on your Instagram profile is a marketing task, and without having an expert on board, it becomes very hard. It becomes very heartbreaking when people don’t take any action on their posts. But, the secret is that you are not supposed to lose hope and get discouraged.

Be Consistent

Instead of losing hope after posting some content for a few weeks, you need to post every day. Create material to keep your target audience busy. Regardless of your mental or physical state, you must continue betting on it.

Never Rush Things

It is not just about clicking a picture and posting it. Instagram is all about sharing something exceptionally brilliant. On Instagram, it is all about photos and reels. However, it is always better not to share useless things. You should always share something with the mindset of contributing something.


The process for posting on Instagram is very different from what you think. You must take several photos, transfer them to the computer, select one, edit them, write an eye-catching caption, and schedule the posting using a scheduler. You need to plan your post. You can divide it into sections. For example, if you are an IT firm, you can categorize your postings according to your service categories. For Monday, app development posts. For Tuesdays, digital marketing posts, and so on.

Photographic Quality

On Instagram, you only have 10 seconds (maximum) to impress someone. If your content is not eye-catching, your post will go unnoticed. Therefore, to get user engagement, take good care of image quality. Spend some time editing your photographs and making them look interesting. It is better to use the same image resolution and the same equipment (camera/phone) to take pictures. It should be your goal to improve your Instagram photos.

Viral Content

Create viral content, with which users can easily connect and get provoked to share it. As for sharing, we refer to the fact that they give the share button to your publication and, for example, pass it privately or to other chats. Having your posts shared will give you more visibility and allow you to reach more people.

Write Eye-Catchy Titles

The text of the image you upload is important. This text should work like a call-to-action button. You need to make it look interesting, both word-wise and visually. You need to make your text look prominent. Adding something like, “Give me your opinion in the comments” can bring results. This makes your users interact, and the Instagram algorithm understands that it should show your connection to more users.

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    Publicize Your Content

    You need to spend some money on content promotion. Promoting your content on Instagram by paying for each user that reaches your profile is an action that is done a lot. Influencers do it a lot, so they sneak into your feed and you end up meeting them.

    Choose A Niche

    Choosing a niche is interesting since that way, users will understand what content they are going to see if they give you a follow. In this way, you will gain followers who are more fond of your content.

    Profile Photo

    The profile photo is the first thing that users will see. Hence, it plays an important role. Those that have blurry profile photos or photos with low light usually don’t stand out much. You must take this into account when choosing your photograph and editing it.
    There are a few more tips that we will be sharing in part two of this article. Meanwhile, we invite you to try these tips to get more followers on Instagram.

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