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The rising need for Cybersecurity is one of the keys to the digital transformation. We have recently seen some of the biggest data leaks. Perhaps, this is the reason, why data breaching is becoming a challenge for the companies that are dealing with a large amount of data. According to various studies and investigations, the amount of the damages caused by cyberattacks may reach $6 trillion by the year 2021. So, not upgrading your business’s infrastructure is more likely to send an open invitation to the culprits. Through this article, we will be sharing some real cyberattack figures and cybersecurity suggestions. Undeniably, mitigating the risk of cyber-attacks to zero is impossible. The best way to protect your data is by taking security measures to make the job harder for the attackers.

Train Your Employees

Considering the number of security breach cases, training your employees is becoming very essential. In most cases, your employees are responsible for digital intrusions. By teaching employees about basic security concepts such as not entering their passwords on shared machines, not using office internet (shared network) for accessing personal accounts, etc. will help.

Use Complicated Passwords

Most people use the same password for their multiple accounts. According to research, around 3.6 million are using “Password” as their password. Some 23.2 million are using “123456” as their password, and another 3.8 million are using “qwerty” as their password. The use of this type of passwords is a gift for hackers who want to hack private data. Therefore, you must teach your team to use passwords that are difficult to guess, crack by bots and people.

Two-step Authentication

Regardless of your email account or social media account, always use two-step verification, if available. Do keep in mind that passwords are not entirely secure. Always vote for a mobile OTP option, which sends a password to the mobile phone every time you log to your account after entering the password.

Establish Secure Communications By Email

Email is one of the weak points of digital security and is the cause of almost half of the cyberattacks. Although we know that we must not open any unknown email or attachment received from a stranger, yet it is better to have a firewall installed that encrypts the messages to prevent them from being intercepted.

Keep The Software Updated

People generally don’t update their software. To them, these software updates are storage killers (as they need a lot of space). You must understand that hackers are always looking for vulnerable systems. Hence, upgrading your software, as and when asked for, is very important. These software updates will protect your system against vulnerabilities that may exist in your system.

Always Logout

Always log out. It hardly takes a few seconds. This prevents sensitive data from being stolen or downloaded by third parties. We have seen cases, where people use their email accounts at a cyber café, and after using, they barely log out. The same happens in the work environment, as well. So, if you are using a computer that is not the usual one, you must forget to logout.

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HTTP Protocol On The Web Page

SSL and TLS are two very important certifications. Whenever you access a website, always check whether they have SSL, TLS certification. This certificate encrypts the personal information entered into these pages and makes it very difficult for the hacker to attack. On the other hand, the SSL,TLS security certificate helps to prevent web visitors from being scammed through phishing.

Make A Secure Backup

Regardless of the precautions you take, you are always under the threat of cyberattacks. Therefore, creating a backup of your important data is highly recommended. And, one must store that backup at a different location to prevent hackers from accessing them.

Use Antivirus And Firewall

Having an antivirus and a firewall is an extra help to avoid suffering a cyberattack. With these security helps, you will be able to protect your private information. These software programs will make it a little more difficult for hackers since it will let you know about malicious programs and pages.

Do Not Install Unknown Programs

To avoid malware, viruses, and Trojans, installing an antivirus is one of the best options. But above all, you should browse very carefully, especially when you are accessing pages without a security certificate and when you are downloading files from sources that are unreliable or unknown.

These are a few very basic cybersecurity tips. Following these cannot guarantee 100% protection from cyberattacks, but it can surely lower the chances.

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