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When it is about a digital marketing campaign’s success, it is traffic that plays an important role. No use in having a website with no visitors.

Although having organic visitors on your website is matchless, the importance of having paid visitors cannot be undervalued. We all know, that bringing organic visitors to your website is a challenge and not an easy thing to do. It takes a lot of time, consistent efforts, and patience. However, to fill the gap between real users visiting your website and expected traffic on your website, digital marketers heavily rely on Paid Website Traffic Sources. In this article, we will be discussing 5 top paid website traffic sources.

Google Ads

As the name signifies, Google Ads is about buying traffic through Google Search Results and Google Search Partners by posting ads for your business. As we know, as and when required, people search for businesses on Google. And, should you not have your business ranking organically, it won’t appear anywhere closer to your target audience’s eyes. To make it happen, one can use Google Ads. It is about paying Google to promote your brand and drive tons of traffic to your site.

For a successful Google Ads Campaign, you either need to learn Google Ads secrets or hire an expert. Not having an expert and spending recklessly on ads will not only damage your advertisement budget but also will sabotage your brand.

Facebook Ads

If you are into a business with a target audience on Facebook, then you must invest in Facebook Ads. Like Google Ads, on Facebook Ads, you can select your target audience based on location, age, or interests. Again, for a successful Facebook Ads Campaign, you need experts. Facebook ads offer a plethora of methods. It involves attractive graphics, sales-oriented copywriting skills, timing, and many more things. And, only experts know how to get the maximum out of these.

Twitter Ads

Twitter Ads stands out for its simplicity and unique targeting options such as the one that allows you to target followers of other brands or your competition directly. It is something legal and allowed. Through Twitter Ads, you can use Promoted Tweets, Promoted Accounts, or Promoted Trends to drive traffic to your site. To achieve maximum results in traffic, you can use all three options. There is no limit on your spending, hence you can spend as much as you want.

Push Notifications

Push notifications are messages and/or pop-up advertisements sent to users through different devices (mobile, desktop, and tablet) and browsers (Chrome, Mozilla, Firefox, Opera, Safari, etc.). However, push notifications are generated only when the user, while browsing a website, approves the consent to send this type of notification. With a simple click, the user can allow notifications to be sent or, on the contrary, they can click on the block to not receive them. Once accepted, push traffic offers multiple benefits, whether for affiliates, companies, webmasters, or media buyers. It provides information on the behavior of the audience and favors segmentation. Furthermore, push notifications to send announcements in real-time and ensure an immediate response. Push notifications generate higher CR (conversion rate) by reaching the right audience at the right time.

YouTube Ads

Finally, YouTube offers endless opportunities for brand promotion. YouTube is a platform, which is a social media and a search engine, as well. Through this system, you can create ads in different formats and choose to insert them before, during, or after the video that the user wants to see, among many other options. Understanding how YouTube Ads works is essential so that you can deploy an efficient, well-organized, and targeted advertising campaign, without margins of error or unnecessary expenses. The advantages of using YouTube Ads for digital advertising are very diverse, as they vary depending on various aspects. However, advertising on YouTube can still bring genuine traffic because YouTube campaigns fetch the greatest reach, best engagement, positioning priority, and multi-device availability.

To make your paid marketing campaign work, it is important to have an accurate paid marketing strategy. And, to do this, you need to hire an expert. Being a digital marketing agency in Toronto, Canada, we can offer you the required assistance. Feel free to contact one of our digital marketing experts.