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To improve your Google Ads Campaign, and thus achieve a better return on your investment in advertising, it is essential to review your account every day. Here are a few tips that will help you improve the results of your Google Ads Campaigns.

Relevancy of Ads

If your ad copies are not aligning with the philosophy of Google Ads, there is no point in investing. Your ad must correlate with the ad’s landing page. If your ad’s title says white shirts, then the landing page must not be something promoting black pants. This will make your ad plummet, and Google will penalize you.

Work On Your Target Audience

Is it a good idea to launch an ad campaign for umbrellas in a location where it barely rains? It is wiser to spend a good amount of time researching your target audience. If your target market is found only in Google search results, then only advertise there. It is important to understand – who you want to reach, who your potential client is, and what they do?

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Refine Settings By Location

Once you know your target audience, it is suggested to limit who sees your ads. If yours is a local business, then limit your audience to just the area of ​​your business. This will save your advertising budget, and you will only get serious visitors.

Show Your Ads At A Certain Time

One solution to delivery methods is for you to determine the exact time you want your advertising to be displayed. This method is especially effective when you want the potential client to contact you only during business hours.

Search And Find The Perfect Bidding Strategy

How you bid on your ads also affects the optimization of your campaign in Google Ads. There are two types of bid strategies in Google Ads, automatic bids and manual bids, and within each one there are many variations to respond to all advertiser profiles and types of Internet businesses. In this case, it is up to you how you want to bid on the ads.


Conversions are the Achilles’ heel of many Google Ads campaigns that don’t get results. Designing the sales funnel on a website is crucial. You can do so using Google Analytics or Google Tag Manager. Besides, giving a different conversion value to every success or failure will make the difference. Simplifying, the machine helps you but you have to tell Google Ads what you want to achieve. For example, I want customers to add a product to the shopping cart as objective 1, then to add some more product as objective 2, and finally to checkout or final purchase as objective 3. That is, we can establish mini conversions in the final process with different conversion values ​​depending on what we are achieving.


Remarketing is a specialty within search, display, and video campaigns. Remarketing campaigns allow us to show targeted ads to users who have visited a web page. Its effectiveness lies in the fact that, by applying the appropriate marketing strategies, we improve the conversion results over the usual campaigns, by impacting the advertising on users who already know our product or service. These types of campaigns are configured in the Google Ads advertising platform so that the ads are only shown to a certain number of users, such as users who visit a certain URL within a certain web page. Remarketing ads and placements are determined by the campaign types we’ve chosen. Remember that we are talking about remarketing campaigns in search, display, or video. With continuous updates to the platform, possibly soon, we will be able to use remarketing in all available campaign types.

Add Ad Extensions in Google Ads

Ad extensions are very valuable to improve your Google Ads campaign and that is because with these extensions you offer other options to the users who see your ads. Not only are there site links, but you can also advertise with call extensions, especially if you provide local services. Following these tips will help you get closer to your goals as an Internet business since, by improving your Google Ads campaign, the results will exceed your expectations.

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