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We are in a digital age where most of our processes are automated. It is bitter but true that even marketing is not out of this trend. Now, the question is, how to make your online presence survive?

In our previous article, we learned about several AI marketing tools for digital marketing. Through this article, we will be learning about a few more marketing tools that can improve the overall performance of your business marketing campaign.


Acrolinx AI marketing tool is used to enhance the quality of your content and make it meet all brand parameters. Do you know, that global giants like Amazon and Google are using Acrolinx? The only purpose is to make sure that their product descriptions and other content perfectly align with their brand identity.


Unlike Grammarly or any other content styling and errors improving software, InstaText is a step ahead. In addition to performing basic spelling and grammar-checking functions, InstaText helps rewrite sentences to purify the style and tone of your content.


If you operate in different countries or deal with international clients, then DeepL can make your life a lot easier. This tool lets you produce accurate translations of marketing text and content. DeepL can translate your files and documents into any language based on your preferences. DeepL not only translates or improves but it can add specific words and nuances to your document if required. The results are great. The translated documents are easy to read and accurate.


For a business, providing a 24/7 presence is a must. However, it is not possible to glue oneself to the workstation 24×7. Not every business can afford to deal with client queries all the time. Well, if you are struggling with the same problem, then Chatfuel is the answer. With Chatfuel you can create a custom chatbot. Besides, you can integrate it with other third-party tools like Google Sheets, Calendly, Shopify, etc.

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    Smartwriter is an AI marketing tool to help a business struggling with email outreach automation. Using Smartwriter, one can generate a personalized email with a custom subject line. This ensures better customer engagement. The Smartwriter comes with backlink generation capability. This tool can be used for Shopify product description and title creation.


    If your business is collecting data from different points, then having a collective view of the same is a challenge. With Optimove, you can collect data from different points and view them all on a single dashboard. This data can be used to create a well-researched digital marketing strategy. This tool can further suggest which marketing campaign a company should end and which they should keep going with.


    It is not only about writing; it is about producing error-free content. To an extent, Grammarly checks your written content and makes sure that it looks professional and polished. The spelling and grammar-checking features of this tool will help you produce accurate content. You can even install the Google Chrome extension, which is completely free. However, for better clarity, style, and tone, you need to buy either the Grammarly Business or Grammarly Premium version.
    These are the AI tools for digital marketing. However, we urge you to explore and analyze all of these. Sometimes, a tool that works for company A, may not bring the same results for company B. Moreover, for better results, one needs to invest in their subscriptions. If your business is also looking for a digital transformation, especially around digital marketing, feel free to contact us.

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