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We are in a digital age where most of our processes are automated. It is bitter but true that even marketing is not out of this trend. Now, the question is, how to make your online presence survive?
In this article, we will be talking about a few AI marketing tools for digital marketing that you must use if you want to stay ahead of your competitors.


Businesses have no leads, low leads, or a lot of leads. But, they are struggling with lead management problems. For them, organizing them is a challenge. A virtual assistant like Exceed.ai can be of great help at this stage. This assistant can automate the whole lead qualification process. Besides, it allows digital marketers to contact and track the leads.

The system is designed to ensure that no lead slips. In addition, Exceed.ai provides a human touch to your prospects through real-time human speech and interaction.


SEO is not the cup of every marketing professional. Being in the industry for the last 7 years, we know there are different aspects of digital marketing that are hard to understand. Google keeps changing its algorithms, and if you are not updated, you may have to face the music. However, no company can afford to overlook its significance. Search engine optimization is a must for digital marketing success. Now, in this case, if you are not an SEO guy, MarketMuse can help with that. Like SEMRush, this tool lets you perform competitive content analysis and suggests potential but unused keywords. Besides, this tool lets you analyze the engagement quality (consistency and relevancy).


Not every piece of content is marketable. Although writers create content to fill the SEO gap, there is no assurance that the content will reach the real user. At this stage, a marketing AI tool like RAD AI is one of the best options. This AI-powered tool not only analyses current content for SEO and linguistic capability but measures content quality as well. It enables content creators to keep their writing tone consistent.


The biggest challenges of social media are content generation, post scheduling, customer conversation, and follow-up, and that too, on a very large scale. It is very difficult to handle all the customers without letting any of them get caught up in the conversation. At this point, a tool like NetBase can be of great help. This tool allows you to track and analyze social media reactions like conversations, @s, hashtags, likes, forwards, retweets, etc. This insight into social media performance allows digital marketers to understand the sentiment and attitudes of their target audience about their brand. Besides, these statistics allow a business to direct its marketing actions in the right direction and demographics.

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    Visual content is becoming the new normal. Now, not many people like to read your 1000 words blog posts. But, dealing with video content or slideshows is not everyone’s cup of tea. At this stage, Lumen5 is one of the best slideshow and video-making AI-based tools that can help you create visual content. The beauty of Lumen is that it examines the content and converts the same into meaningful snippets with images, either photos or videos. Finally, all those snippets are converted into a marketing video with company logos and music.

    Frase IO

    Regardless of other marketing methods, email marketing is still a very effective way to reach potential customers. However, if your email marketing campaigns are not automated, then your business will suffer.

    Not only for sending emails, but as a business, you need a solution for organizing received emails. There could be some emails that require your attention ASAP, whereas there could be a few that you want to ignore. For all these tasks, Frase.io is a good tool.

    This marketing tool helps marketers create subject lines. Frase.io is an algorithm-based tool to track and define your brand voice, data, and click statistics.


    If you are a digital marketer and you are not using SEMRush, then you are making a big mistake. This tool lets you track your business’s online position, specific keywords, competitors, and many more things. Besides, this tool is a huge help to content marketers. It lets them perform a topic search to identify the latest trends in topics on which they can create their content.

    In our next article, we will be talking about a few more tools. However, we urge you to explore and analyze these tools. Sometimes a tool that works for company A, may not bring the same results for company B. Moreover, for better results, one needs to invest in their subscriptions.

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