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Without a doubt, after COVID-19, companies with mobile apps enjoyed good revenues. This trend has become a reason for the abrupt rise in the demand for mobile app development. Regardless of their necessity and demand, not every business can afford them because app development costs are still a nightmare for them, especially startups.
The development cost of an app depends upon various factors. One of them is the selection of the development platform. In this article, we would like to share a few reasons why startups should use React Native for their app development. As an app development agency, we deal with several startups stuck at a point where they don’t know which framework they should develop their mobile application. To help them with a decision, we need to check their responses for several factors, like budget, strategy, and market demands. Based on this, we then frame an effective moving forward plan to turn your startup idea into a successful one. Do you know that businesses like UberEats, Skype, Facebook, Instagram, Walmart, and Pinterest are using React Native in their development environment? Unlike native platforms, React Native is the first framework that makes an app work on cross-platforms. React Native as a framework brings together the benefits of hybrid and native applications.
Let’s talk about the main reasons why startups should choose React Native for their app development.

Low Development Costs

Budget is the first thing that comes to our mind when it comes to developing an app. As compared to native or hybrid apps, React Native is less expensive. The reason behind this reduced cost is a lower requirement for man-hours. Moreover, when it is about time to market, delays can cause losses. With react native in action, app development tasks can be finished sooner. With React Native, code written once can be deployed on Android or iOS platforms. This can significantly reduce development efforts by 50% without making any compromises on productivity or application quality.

Better User Experience

No one wants to use a dodgy-looking mobile app. We won’t install an app on our mobile phones if it is not user-friendly or does not offer a better user experience. Moreover, an app must offer the same user experience across all devices (Android or iOS). As users, we all want a bug-free experience. Besides, we don’t want an app that is not loading quickly. This happens because of different screen resolutions. However, if you opt for React Native as your app development framework, you will have an app that will automatically adjust to different device screen settings. This will provide a better user experience.

Cross Platforms

For cost-cutting, it is better to develop your app using a framework that works with cross-platforms. To get the most out of React Native, you need to hire a React Native developer with experience in APIs and UI elements.

A Futuristic App

Any piece of programming code written for React Native can be reused. Unlike separate platforms, should your app need an update, you have to do it on one platform. Furthermore, in the case of a bug, you only have to fix it at one code level. The code parameters remain the same; hence, any new developer can easily understand the old developer’s code. Using React Native increases team flexibility and saves a lot of time and money when you have to transform a web project into a mobile application. In addition, React Native is not going to get outdated for at least a few years from now. Being in the industry, we know that its popularity will only increase over time. We know that several mobile app development companies are adopting this framework to create unparalleled apps. This increase in its use is constantly maturing and strengthening react native’s position in the market.

Therefore, keeping all these points in mind, we strongly recommend the use of React Native for your app development. However, as we discussed, the decision of the development platform’s selection depends upon various other factors. It is advisable to get your idea analyzed.

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