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According to Statista, by the end of 2025, there will be 30.9 billion IoT devices.

Not equipped with IoT devices, your business may have to face losses. At the same time, it is not an easy task to implement IoT devices. Being in the industry for the last seven years, we have witnessed several wrongly done IoT apps. In this article, we would like to talk about a few common mistakes.

Undoubtedly, hyperconnection among platforms, networks, applications, and devices is the emerging need of the hour, but it cannot be done without taking protection measures. As an IoT developer, one needs to think beyond usability and focus on software protection, vulnerabilities, authenticity, and integrity of future patches.

No Pre-Preparation

Whether you project will be a success or failure, it hugely depends upon the capabilities of your IoT developer. Unfortunately, most of the companies are doing IoT apps with amateur IoT developers just to survive the competition.

If you want your IoT app to deliver the expected success, then you must have a team of IoT developers prepared for the effort involved in the application. A team that knows all ups and downs of this technology will assure the success of your IoT app. Most of the IoT apps fail because IoT developers lack the understanding of making most of these technologies.

Being the project leaders, they also need to be at every step of the project. Through this, they would be able to create an engaging work environment that truly delivers value for everyone.

Improper Integration

Incomplete knowledge about a project is a recipe for disaster. If your IoT developers are blank about your IoT app’s integration with your business, then you can be sure of the failure.

Being an expert, your IoT developers must understand when your app’s workflow needs a change. Besides, they must know what changes they need to introduce to integrate your solution perfectly. In the absence, you will either miss your ROI (return on investment) or will end up having a faulty solution.

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Ignoring Data

The third blunder done by IoT developers is they give more importance to connecting devices than to their applications and obtaining data. Any IoT app’s success depends upon the collected. In reality, the emphasis should be on data analytics and not the other way around because data analytics are the building blocks of an IoT solution.

Starting Solo

If you think, you can develop an IoT app without certified IoT developers and associated ecosystem, then you are gravely mistaken. It takes a team to develop and successfully deliver an IoT app. Hence, you need to start collaborating, both inside and outside of the company. Make sure things are tuned perfectly. Make it a rule that everyone follows open standards.

Outdated Environments

While analyzing several IoT apps, we realized that several existing IoT projects were developed using outdated environments. One must not undermine the importance of adopting the correct legacy system. It is crucial to design a plan before replacing specific systems with open standards. This plan should be developed on the basis of facts, benchmarks, and empirical results.

No Monitoring

What is the use of having an IoT app and not measuring the performance the same. The absence of tracking leads to issues with updation. Although monitoring is important, yet it is not wiser to overcomplicate things. One must not consider too many factors when measuring their project performances. The focus should be on measuring the business goals. The data values important for such measuring could be the project’s uptime, deployment speed, cost vs. savings, productivity, process duration, etc. Like real life, it is better to concentrate on small positive changes. Be it life or your IoT app, being too ambitious could ultimately affect the chances of your effort. Do not forget that IoT initiatives are big investments. Hence, one must not spend their entire budget on keeping his employees tied down just to include IoT devices and initiatives in business processes.

Cheaper Solutions Cost Higher

Over the last few years, at BainsLabs, we have seen a flood of cheap IoT devices. In reality, these low-cost devices and their associated apps lower the barriers to adoption. Besides, they can also cause security risks. These devices and supported apps have few security features and minimal active support. Furthermore, these low-cost devices and apps are vulnerable to malware and expose infrastructures to cyberattacks. These solutions can be less expensive when developed. But they cost a lot once they are launched. So, if you want your app to make money, you must not hold yourself back from investing in essential security features like user authentication, data protection, and upgradeable firmware.

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