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Don’t launch poor mobile apps. Quality is the most important thing and is guaranteed by running software compatibility tests.

Mobile applications have come to simplify many of the actions of companies to serve their customers, with the aim of keeping up with the new styles of consumption. In just five years its use has increased considerably, which speaks of the importance of its use and development on a global level. According to Statista , users around the world have downloaded 250 billion mobile apps to their devices in the last year, an increase of 63% compared to 140.7 billion uploads in 2016. From the palm of their hand, users can remember the location of their car or pay their credit card without the need to go to other means, such as paper or physical establishments to do so. The upward trend continues and in the face of greater user demand, a comparable number of software developers are required to guarantee its correct functioning. Creation is the first step, but to ensure that mobile apps have a positive impact on the market, compatibility testing is also needed. In this article we explain what they consist of and the importance of their implementation.

What is software compatibility testing?

Software compatibility tests are a tool to evaluate the operation of a mobile application under different conditions and types of devices, since each user makes use of them in scenarios that vary depending on the scope of their network, the operating system and the browser used.

These tests are done to ensure that since mobile devices have different size, resolution, screen, version, and hardware, the app must be tested on all devices to ensure that the app works as intended.

For an application to function correctly it depends on several measurable elements, which allow compatibility tests to be classified into eight types:


Compatible with different hardware configurations

Operating systems:

Windows, Mac OS, Linux, among others


Excel, Adobe, iTunes, among others


Depending on bandwidth, speed and capacity


Google, Firefox, Internet Explorer, among others


USB ports, Bluetooth, among others.


Android, iOS, Windows, among others.

Software versions:

Compatibility with new versions of the different operating systems is measured.

The following are the common compatibility tests

  • Validate that the app’s user interface fits the device’s screen size, that no text or controls are partially invisible or inaccessible.
  • Ensure that application text is readable for all users.
  • Ensure that call/alarm functionality is enabled whenever the application is running.
  • Review that the app minimizes or suspends on call, and then when the call stops, the app resumes.

Benefits of compatibility testing

In a rapidly expanding and highly competitive market there is no margin for error, since the consequences can go beyond the loss of a couple of users. Among the benefits of compatibility testing are:

  • Timely detection of errors in the system — bugs — during the development process, with the possibility of being corrected before delivering them to the end user.
  • Guarantee that the software or mobile application has all the required features: titles, usability and scalability, in accordance with the client’s requirements.
  • Increase in the quality of final products and, therefore, customer satisfaction and loyalty.
  • Ability to operate on multiple platforms and servers without failures during execution.

How to do software compatibility testing?

If your marketing strategies include the launch of a mobile app or a website for a greater reach of users, you should consider applying software compatibility tests during the development process. With this you ensure the success of your campaign, brand or product once it is launched on the market.

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