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Facebook is a very popular digital advertising platform among entrepreneurs and marketing professionals. However, to achieve effective advertising on this platform, it is important to know the advertising policies, since there are prohibited words on Facebook that can affect the approval of your ad and even restrict a business account.

So, if you want to prevent the start of your campaign on this social network from being affected by this situation, continue reading to discover those terms that you should never use in your Facebook Ads. In this article, we present some forbidden words on Facebook that you should avoid when writing your advertisements for this social network.

To avoid violating Facebook’s advertising guidelines, we recommend avoiding the creation and delivery of ads related to sensitive topics such as the following:


Facebook does not allow any type of discrimination based on race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, disability, or age.

Alcohol and drugs

You cannot promote the use of alcohol or drugs in your ads.

Weapons and ammunition

Ads related to weapons and ammunition are not allowed on the platform.

Sexual Content

Explicit or suggestive sexual content is prohibited.


Political ads must comply with Facebook’s advertising policies.


Ads that promote gambling are also not allowed.

Supplements and drugs

Ads related to supplements and drugs must comply with Facebook’s health and safety policies.


Any type of scam or deception is prohibited in Facebook ads.


You may not use sensational or exaggerated headlines in your ads.

Violent Content

Violent or graphic content is prohibited.

Basic recommendations for your ads to be authorized

Basic recommendations for your ads to be authorized

For many entrepreneurs and companies, Facebook Ads are a very important tool to reach their audience and promote their products or services. For this reason, we share some basic recommendations for Facebook to authorize your ads.

  • Avoid misleading or sensational words, such as “incredible,” “miraculous,” “best deal ever,” and so on. Since Facebook seeks to protect users from possible scams or deception.
  • Do not use language considered offensive, such as insults or words with sexual connotations. You also may not use images or videos that are violent or that promote hate or discrimination.
  • Avoid excessive use of capital letters or punctuation marks, as these can be interpreted as spam and affect the quality of the ad. Ensures that the text does not contain special characters or emoticons in the text.
  • Be sure to comply with Facebook’s policies regarding targeting your audience. For example, you cannot discriminate against certain groups of people based on their race, gender, or sexual orientation, among others.
  • Carefully review the content of your images or videos, since they cannot include watermarks or elements that can be confused with Facebook buttons or that suggest that the user must interact with the image to activate any function of the platform.

By following these basic recommendations, you can prevent Facebook from disapproving ads for using words that are banned on Facebook and thereby increase the chances of reaching your audience.

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