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Many managers are still reluctant to implement Agile Methodologies in their regular processes. Either due to ignorance or mere resistance to change, they cling to hierarchical, almost static structures, in which information does not flow along with market dynamics. Are you one of them?

Keep in mind that it is not only a matter of agility but what that agility entails. In this case, the most important thing is to live up to the context in which we operate. Other reasons why you should use Agile Methodologies are:

The Cost Less

This is achieved for two reasons; first, because using them reduces the number of people involved in a project and the second because delivery times are usually shorter than those of a traditional model, thereby avoiding delays and, therefore, the unnecessary use of resources.

Improve Change Management

They are flexible. They break the work down into iterations and help monitor the tasks in each of them. When this is the case, they allow you to implement changes or solutions, as with Kanban, perhaps the most flexible of all.

It favors the commitment

Motivation, in turn, is a direct cause of increased engagement. Those who are motivated are much more involved in their tasks than those who cannot find their place in a project. And as we well know, commitment is a guarantee of productivity.
Benefits of Agile Methods - BainsLabs

Increase Motivation

Traditional models were based on control from a single perspective, that of a director who was rarely seen on the ground. Instead, agile methodologies promote the empowerment of team members, which affects their level of self-esteem and motivation.

The final product is closer to what the customer is looking for

Finally, we cannot fail to mention another of the great contributions of the agile model; the permanent intervention of the client or recipient of the product, who makes his comments, considerations, and corrections once each of their iterations into which the project is divided is completed. In this way, it is guaranteed that the final product corresponds to your expectations. Agility, efficiency, and quality are three fundamental values for any of the Agile Methodologies. It is enough to take a look at some of them to realize that these three elements lie in their great contribution to the project management.

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