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Setting up a sales funnel that converts, you need to make sure that is it optimized. Previously, we learned about traditional sales funnels and digital sales funnels. In this article, we will talk about a few tips to optimize your marketing funnel.

Keep it Simple

When setting up your sales funnel, make sure it goes straight to the point without unnecessarily distracting consumers. Besides, it must integrate perfectly into the navigation of the latter so that they do not feel disturbed. For this, in addition to favoring fluidity throughout the process, limit as much as possible the information you ask your visitors as well as the choices you offer, a single CTA to go from one stage to another for example. In short, bet on optimal user experience.

Define Targets Correctly

For your strategy to work, you need to reach the right audience, or you may not make sales. To do this, take the time to define the profit of your ideal client. Several elements can help you define or improve your targeting. These include, for example:
  • Surveys
  • Website statistics – Google Analytics, Hubspot
  • Interactions with your customers
  • Data from your CRM tools

Down-selling, up-selling and cross-selling

These are three marketing techniques that can allow you to generate even more sales. Indeed, cross-selling allows you to increase the average basket by offering a product complementary to the product that the customer buys. Suppose that the customer buys a laptop on your e-commerce site and that you also sell protective covers for laptops. If you can offer him an additional case, there is a good chance that he will buy both products. Down-sell, on the other hand, is used to offer another product with inferior characteristics instead of the initial product. This is the opposite of upselling that offers a product with a superior characteristic. For example, in e-commerce, we often find these types of articles in the section.

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Use the marketing trigger

It is a formidable practice that allows you to avoid losing prospects along your funnel. Indeed, it is also known as trigger marketing and refers to the practices by which a marketing action is triggered automatically when an event occurs or in the case where a prospect takes a given action. In other words, it is about automating your marketing actions so that automatically :
  • A welcome email is sent to new customers
  • A follow-up email will be sent after abandoning the basket
  • A reminder email is sent to an inactive customer

Personalize the customer relationship

To promote customer loyalty, humanize your business, by being sociable and available. With that in mind, social networks are great tools that you can use. You can also customize the emails for your email campaign. Indeed, a survey indicates that emails are 22% more likely to be opened if their subject is personalized with the recipient’s first name. The statistic is not very surprising since we generally prefer emails that are personally addressed to us than conventional emails.

Optimize SEO

We know that every online experience starts with a search engine. Therefore, a business needs to appear in search results. For this, one needs to familiarize oneself with SEO, associated tools andmust have a good SEO strategy. One must invest in on-page and off-page SEO.

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