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Data-driven organizations are growing on average more than 30% per year and are estimated to earn 1.8 billion dollars by 2022. Source Forrester Research

Using data to gain efficiency and innovating digital solutions is nothing new. But having data is not going to make any difference if you don’t know how to use that data. To survive the competition and achieve the much-desired analytics advantage, they need to upgrade their strategy and culture to data-driven. Let’s learn how to become a data-driven company?

  1. Data-Driven Culture
  2. Governance
  3. Data and Technology Management

By putting these into action, any business can achieve the desired results.

To achieve a culture based on data, it becomes essential for the management to ensure that all the teams adopt metrics and best practices regarding the care and use of data. For better or worse, if something happens within the organization on the data level, the entire team must be aware of it. Instead of hiding information like traditional companies used to do, it is better to highlight the issues. When information is kept hidden, it affects the decision-making capacity of a business.

For this level of transparency and accuracy, it requires a system that provides the maximum liberality for the data. In simpler terms, it is related to analytical tools and human resources capable of giving data the required treatment and ensuring data quality and reliability.

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    Earlier it was hard to process the data available in huge volumes within a short period. However, with the intervention of technology, it is now possible to process big data and structured data stored in conventional or unstructured warehouses.

    Now, let us learn how to build a team that drives data-driven culture.

    Encourage To Use The Data:

    As we talked about earlier, to be a data-driven company, you must encourage your team to use data. Your team must learn the benefit of using data, and they should have no barriers to accessing it.

    Encourage Experimentation:

    To be a data-driven company, the management must encourage employees to have experimented with data, and incorporate data into their day-to-day decision-making regardless of the source, whether internal and/or external.

    Training Regarding Using Data:

    The company’s management must give training about data management and processing tools. Once the team knows how to use these tools, they can come up with accurate data and absolute results.

    Foster Thinking Out of The Box:

    Unlike traditional firms, data-driven companies must create an environment where employees are allowed and encouraged to do questions, mistrusts their intuition, and displays a healthy degree of skepticism. In other words, it is all about thinking out of the box. The more they filter data, the better result they will have.

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