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In general, tripwire means wire that triggers a trap or an explosive. However, when it comes to marketing, tripwire is a marketing strategy that is about triggering a series of dynamics to attract customers by tempting proposals. Let’s learn about the secrets of tripwire marketing.

Let’s understand tripwire with examples.

The most recent example is – a monthly or yearly subscription offered by several OTT platforms, where companies give a one-month subscription free if they sign up for a yearly plan.

When to activate the tripwire in the funnel?

Now, that you know the basics of tripwire, the next question that comes to anyone’s mind is – When to activate the tripwire in the funnel?

The right answer to this question is – whenever you want to. Tripwire’s integration depends on three main things:

  • Primary marketing strategy
  • The type of product or service you are marketing
  • The behavior of your audience

It can be introduced at any level of the funnel, be it before the funnel, in the middle of the funnel, or at the end of the funnel.

At the beginning of the funnel

You could use tripwire at the start of the funnel along with content and SEO. Integrating tripwire at the beginning of the funnel will give you the possibility of converting quickly by offering users low-cost products.

In the middle of the funnel

You can also integrate tripwire at the middle of the funnel. Integrating tripwire at this stage can be a great strategy if you already have a mailing list. You can send them a series of emails specifically designed to promote your product or service.

At the end of the funnel

Alternatively, you can integrate tripwire marketing at the end of the funnel. This is done to maintain a certain relationship with your audience. At this point, you can retain a customer by offering him a special price. The best example of this is – when you add a product to the cart, and despite filling in all details, you exit before paying. Soon after a few minutes, the product seller approaches you with an additional 10-15% discount coupon.

Things To Keep in Mind When Creating Tripwire


The integration process starts with analyzing. Before you integrate tripwire at any level of the funnel, you must understand the views and needs of your audience.

Product identification

You may be selling hundreds of products, and honestly, tripwire is not something you can apply to every product. Therefore, it is important to figure out which product or service brings results and can be used to create your tripwire marketing strategy. When you hook an offer with a product that already sells itself, chances of tripwire marketing exceeds.

No Free Lunch

Instead of offering a product for free (as a tripwire marketing strategy), it is recommended to sell it at a price reduction. The best way to do this is – by selling miniatures. For example, you can create a beauty product in a miniature version, and club it with the original product as an exclusive offer!


You can’t afford to sit in relaxation mode after making a sale. You need to keep your buyer pampered. To do this, you can start an email campaign to let him know about your other and forthcoming products.

Lead Magnet

Lead magnets are a game changer. You must work on your lead magnets. Lead magnets are CTAs that convince and encourage visitors to leave their email.

Every Feedback is Magic

Last but not the least, feedback is a must. For better tripwire results, do not overlook the importance of getting feedback from users who have already purchased your products or services. Instead of leaving pre-filled forms, it is better to ask users for a short and personal reply via email.
Tripwire is in trend nowadays. The success of tripwire marketing is – to proceed in small steps. Your focus must remain on an offer that is both lucrative for business and attractive for users. Share your requirements, and our experts will be in touch with you.