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Less than a decade ago, the possibility of objects coming to life seemed like an idea for a science fiction movie. But technology is advancing at great speed. Today, the digital interconnection of what surrounds us is a reality. And, the companies aware of this are looking for the best Industrial IoT module to boost their projects. Here we leave you information that will be productive for you in the search to connect your company to IoT.

Let’s say that the company is ready for technological expansion and only needs to take the step to be at the forefront of digitalization. Before choosing the platform for Industrial IoT, evaluate the following:

Identify The Needs

The module that you will choose must respond to the needs of the project that you are about to execute. It is important to know what type of station will be used for data transmission and how far away the devices will be. Also, consider the space you have for the installation and determine if the IoT module is compatible with the hardware that has been previously installed in the company, otherwise, they will have to make adjustments. In the latter case, do not leave it to free interpretation if you will receive assistance and support for incorporating it into your design.
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Module Sustainability

Using the Internet of Things in an office is not the same as in a manufacturing company. If your project is for a large industry, forget about amateur platforms! You need a powerful one that allows you to connect on a large scale. For example, in the manufacturing industry, long-range data transmission is required and at the same time, it can be combined with low power consumption and high profitability. In other words, you must ensure that the module is capable of supporting the production rate of the factory.

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Future Projection 

As 4G and 5G technology expand, IoT in Industries increases connection capabilities. Some companies that provide these services are optimistic that annual growth will be around 30% for a while. To this point add that there are devices that require updates throughout their life cycle to optimize their functionality and also for security. The best option is to opt for a system that transmits data and also performs updates automatically.

Made To Size

An Industrial IoT module designed from scratch and tailored to the needs of your project is not insignificant. Actually, it is ideal, as long as the service provider guarantees its functionality and technical support. It takes into account the amount of data about the industry that the IoT will handle, so a service tailored to the work of the plant must also guarantee security. It prefers those who have recognition in the market, have direct communication with the manufacturer of the parts and as an added value the capacity of satellite link.

Questions To Ask Your Provider

Before giving the approval to the installation of the Industrial IoT module, it is important that you make sure that you are with the correct provider. Remember that you have in your hands the responsibility for the operation of the company.
  • Are the modules at risk of security breaches? : Anticipating what type of attacks it may suffer allows the appropriate actions to be incorporated into the design to prevent a violation of the system.
  • What is the level of support you provide in a crisis? : Imagine that you need to locate the products in different regions, it is imperative that you know what the protocol is and how the assistance you will receive will be.
  • Do you have a satellite access system? The important thing about allowing satellite internet access is that it offers greater security and reliability, while opening up possibilities for innovation.

Some Aspects To Take Into Account

In addition to the information in the Industrial IoT module, there are a number of aspects that you should keep in mind:
  • It is important to inventory and monitor the hardware and software of the corporate network.
  • What is the electricity consumption of the industry, what will be the increase once the project is executed and later how can you achieve energy optimization.
  • Is the environment ready and adequate for the incorporation of the team that will allow everything to be technologically intertwined?
  • Determine what the data volume of the project will be.
  • Consider whether the adoption of a new technology will influence the costs of your products.
As you may have noticed, to start a project in which the Internet of Things has a leading role, it requires an evaluation of connectivity and technology. There are no right or wrong decisions to be made, because everything will depend on the needs of the industry. Hence the importance of thoroughly knowing every detail of your project and all the options available in digital engineering.
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