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Bitter but true, if not followed properly, even scrum can fail. During our experience, we have seen several companies despite having experienced scrum masters, struggling with project backlogs. In this article, we will be telling you why scrum fails. Should you correct them you can expect a significant change in your scrum sprint planning.

You Make Scrum A Rocket Science For Your Team

How on the planet can you expect to have results from a methodology about which you have doubts in mind? Despite having an expert scrum master, if your team is not clear about the principles, strategies, roles, responsibilities, and approaches of the scrum, you cannot achieve the desired results.

Before you hire an experienced scrum master, you must invest in scrum training programs. Let your team first understand the ins and outs of the methodologies. Ask your scrum master to train the team by giving them a few exercises and tasks. Allow your team to understand the process before expecting them to follow it religiously. Honestly saying, if you force them to execute scrum, it will only diminish their productivity.

You Plan Your Scrum Like An Additional Process

Should you make scrum look like a process, your team will never follow it. They are already following other development processes, and if they treat it like a process, they will consider implementing scrum as an additional process. Your scrum master must make it look like a framework, using which developers can ease their development process. Sprint planning must be more likely a set of guidelines that developers can use to make their process easier and faster.

You Apply Similar Scrum To Every Project

Expecting to have the same results from a scum designed for any particular project, is not going to work. You cannot force one scrum onto other projects. Scrum will not only bring results if it is not forced to fit on a project but automatically fits. In short, the right scrum for the right project ensures the expected results.

You Use Scrum For Micromanaging And Not For Monitoring

In reality, your team should see scrum as a tool that can ease and make their development process smoother. But, if your scrum master makes it look like a tool for micromanaging, your team will start to hate it. Practically, the primary objective of implementing scrum is to offer direct benefits to the developers, and not to the administration. However, if it is used the other way around, you cannot expect your team to follow it seriously.

Your Scrum Master Is Enjoying Monopoly

We must understand, without having an open discussion with the team about a project, there is no point in designing sprints and expecting results from those. Instead, when designing a sprint each member should allow to participate in it, which will allow them to understand what improvements can be adopted in the next sprint.

Empower your team to make decisions according to their capabilities; allow them to take full responsibility for delivering a quality product.

These mistakes are one of the major ones behind the tragic failure of the scrum. Once you fix these leakages, you can expect positive results.

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