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With mobile apps transforming the way we work, shop, interact, and take care of our health today, more than ever, users expect enriching and consistent experiences. The figures show that consumers downloaded 27.6 billion applications from the Google Play platform in the third quarter of 2021, and the Apple App Store earned 20.42 billion dollars in the same period, according to Statista. For this reason, we want to tell you about the app development trends that are most promising this year.

Industry experts have predicted that those numbers will increase this year. In the current scenario, companies need to create applications that provide users with innovative experiences. To achieve this, companies must keep up with the new trends that will dominate the app development industry in the upcoming years. Next, we bring you a list of 6 app development trends that companies need to know and incorporate into their strategies in upcoming years.

Mobile Commerce Apps

The total sales made through applications will reach the sum of 3.32 trillion USD in the coming months. Without a doubt, this is the right time if you want to invest in a mobile commerce application. There is still a lot to explore in app development, especially when it comes to user interfaces and user experiences (UI/UX).

Artificial Intelligence Apps

In upcoming years, Artificial Intelligence (AI) will be one of the most disruptive technologies on the market. The key areas where artificial intelligence will innovate the market will be autonomous cars, voice search, language recognition, cybersecurity, and data analysis.

According to a speech delivered by Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, artificial intelligence will be the key piece for the metaverse. For this reason, the need for specialized AI engineers who can create AI-based tools and applications is bound to increase in the coming years.

Mobile Payment Apps

The well-being of consumers will drive this trend that will continue to dominate the FinTech industry throughout this decade. Before the pandemic, payments through mobile applications were made for the convenience they provided to users. Now, users use these applications to protect themselves and their loved ones.

Using cash or paying by card are no longer safe options. For this reason, mobile payments, thanks to the fact that they have facilitated contactless transactions, have flourished.

Telemedicine Apps

The adoption of telemedicine applications has grown by 38x. Telemedicine has gained momentum as consumers seek the safest ways to access health services.

During the pandemic’s peak, telemedicine applications were the primary means of obtaining medical assistance. Now, telemedicine applications offer us an opportunity to reinvent virtual healthcare models and track their results.

Business Mobility Apps

In the future, companies will work remotely. Therefore, there will be an exponential demand for applications that serve as a connecting entity for work teams sitting around the world. Organizations will adopt mobile business apps to help with remote work.

Applications that facilitate instant messaging, group emails, file transfers, group meetings, sprint designing, etc., will be the ones that shape the business ecosystem of the future.

Mobile Learning Apps

In the upcoming years, we will see a boom in mobile learning applications. As per the area’s experts, the online education market will reach 332 billion USD in 2025.

Such has been the impact of the pandemic on the growth of the online learning industry. The best universities in the world, and even large corporations, are offering online courses in a wide variety of subjects. No wonder, but a mobile phone is a preferred way to access online courses. This means that the development of mobile applications oriented to personalized learning will increase.

In summary, in the upcoming years, we will see more companies investing in app development to meet their customers’ business needs. However, the real challenge is to find specialized developers who can create cutting-edge mobile applications for end-users.

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