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Salesforce is a compelling CRM system with a wide range of functions and constant updates. The links between sales and other areas such as service or marketing are particularly advantageous. In other words, using Salesforce enables different business departments to work and interact with each other without any problems. Besides, no third-party plugin integration is required. Let’s learn about some of the advantages and disadvantages of Salesforce.

Advanatges of Salesforce


Flexibility is a key competitive advantage of Salesforce. Salesforce objects can be used according to business requirements. As a platform user, you are not tied to any particular layout, workflow, or process. That’s why the Salesforce ecosystem is more flexible than other comparable systems on the market.

Ease of Use

In addition to the flexibility, Salesforce is easy to use. Even if you don’t have an in-house IT team, you will be able to implement changes at an administrative level. Salesforce’s learning program, called Trailhead, will take you from simple user to administrator in an understandable way. In this learning program, you will be able to learn about various modules.

Standad API Linkage

Besides AppExchange, you can connect separate apps to the Salesforce platform. Being the largest web-based platform, a large number of providers are already providing standard API links. For example, if any module of ‘A’ company doesn’t meet your needs, you can easily turn to other vendors like Hubspot, Act-On, Eloqua, or Marketo. All of these proven tools can be integrated into the system without having to invest extra hours in research.
The biggest shortcoming of Salesforce solutions is simply their complexity. Optimal use requires professional know-how, which is why many companies need external service providers for this. Therefore, implementation and use can be associated with high costs that smaller companies cannot always bear. Let’s learn more about the disadvantages of salesforce.

Disadvanatges of Salesforce

Smartphones have become a necessity in recent decades. As far as the target audience is concerned, everybody is using a smartphone, irrespective of their age group. At this stage, not having a mobile-friendly business website means losing a big customer base that no business can afford. Therefore, when it comes to optimizing content, one cannot overlook the importance of a mobile-friendly website.

Administration Costs

Salesforce is powerful and flexible. To experience this power, one needs to connect several components. This can lead to the solution becoming too complex. This can have a significant impact on costs and user acceptance.

User Acceptance

Changes in companies are not always directly accepted by the employees, especially in the case of complex processes. In order to ensure a high level of user acceptance, employees must be thoroughly informed about the goals, benefits, and advantages and trained in the correct use of the Salesforce software.

Data Storage Limitation & Plugin Compatibility

Companies with a very large customer base sometimes have to integrate external databases. This further leads to additional costs and data storage issues.

Individually developed plugins must be continuously maintained because they should be checked for functionality after each Salesforce update.

Our experience tells us that Salesforce has certain problems and disadvantages for customers. Without a doubt, these must be considered when deciding whether or not your company will adopt Salesforce. But practically implemented Salesforce projects and the increasing success of the CRM platform also prove that negative effects can be reduced.

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