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There are countless mobile applications on both Android and Apple Stores. And, to make sure that your mobile application appears in search results, you need an app store optimization strategy.

Before investing in an ASO strategy, one must understand that ASO cannot produce results overnight. Like search engine optimization, app store optimization also takes time. Now the question is – how to perform app store optimization. Let us learn about a few app store optimization tips. 

App Type And Category

Most of the time developers publish apps in the wrong category. However, should you post it in the right category, it makes it easier for the search engine to define the correct type of APP. For example, if your calculator app is more of a game or fun, then it is better to list it under a category with lower competitors.

Demo on YouTube

Seeing is believing, they say. For your app, you should create some YouTube demo videos that explain the basic and premium functions of your app. Keep your video as short as 1 minute approx. This will again clear the user’s doubt before buying or installing your app.

Images And Screenshots

A lot of time developers use images or screenshots that are not clear. One must use screenshots that deliver a clear idea of ​​the app and its main functionalities. It is best to use screenshots and images that support description (and vice versa). Just by seeing attached images or screenshots, a user must get a clear idea of what they will get once they install the app.

App Icon

App Store Optimization Tips -BainsLabs | Digital Marketing Agency in Toronto
Do you know companies like Instagram and others spend a lot of money on their app icons? They say the first impression is your last impression. So, make your first impression as noticeable as possible. Although it only contains a few thousand pixels, your app icon leaves a huge influence on your target audience. Your app’s icon is the first visual element that users see. Having an attractive app icon ensures customers’ interest in your product. As a tip, one should never keep icons similar to that of their competitors. Having an icon that is too similar to another app can cost you valuable notoriety. For better results, keep doing A/B testing of your icon.

Avoid putting taglines or quotes inside your icon, as they will be almost unreadable on mobile devices. Also, make sure that your icon aligns with your app theme.

The Description

As in the case of SEO, for app store optimization, the description matters the most. One must consider description fields seriously. Although in the Apple store, the description does not bring any change in search engine results position, it is important to take care of it anyway. It is important to keep it straight to the point. Google Play offers space for two descriptions. One is short and another one is long. Both descriptions are important for positioning. Hence, one must take full advantage of both to include app-related keywords. Like SEO, for ASO, one must avoid mistakes like Keyword Stuffing. Just like SEO, you can get penalized for this black-hat practice. While writing a description, one must speak the truth. Avoid writing lies, and over-the-top kinda descriptions. Do take care of proper English and grammar. Such mistakes can make your app look fake. Do not just plant keywords. Try to make it look as genuine as possible. If your app or business has received awards or good feedback, you should include it in your description. This will help in building trust.

Google Ad Campaigns

For Android, you can try paid advertising using different Google networks, such as YouTube, Google Play Store, Gmail, etc. For a performance-oriented app, you need to research your target audience. Once you know the demographics, interests, and preferences of your target audience, you can advertise your app.

Apple Search Ads

For iOS apps, it is an advertising platform that displays paid ads. this allows marketers to increase their visibility in App Store results because Apple uses App Store metadata. Like PPC, ASA also uses a bidding system. Marketers bid on specific keywords, and the highest bidder’s ad is placed on the top of the results page.
App Store Optimization Tips -BainsLabs | Digital Marketing Agency in Toronto

Facebook Ads (Meta Ads Manager)

One can run ads on all social media platforms like Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, and mobile apps owned by the Meta Audience Network. Meta makes it easier to target specific demographics, like age or location, and allows you to set a fixed budget. A marketer can choose a (daily)budget as per his preference, which specifies the amount to spend each day. Alternatively, he can opt for a runtime budget, which does not specify a daily amount and allows you to set a start and end date.

Now that you know about the importance of app store optimization, if you are looking for similar support, we can help you. Being a digital marketing agency and mobile app development in Toronto and India, we can offer you the required assistance. Feel free to contact one of our digital marketing experts.