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The buyer persona is an integral part of marketing strategies and their success.

A Buyer persona is a method to locate “your perfect customer,” that will buy your products or services. Defining buyer persona means analysing the different buyer profiles that can match your offers. It is a method that precisely defines the target to be aimed at. It is important not to neglect this step to put the odds on your side to attract the right people.

The Importance of Determining Your Buyer Persona

Buyers Persona and Buyer Persona Tools - BainsLabs | Digital Marketing Agency in Toronto
  1. Defining buyer persona means ensuring the optimization of your inbound marketing strategy.
  2. If you precisely determine the profile of the people likely to buy your products, you will be able to target your marketing strategy more precisely.
  3. Thanks to the buyer persona, you will know the behaviors, habits, and interests of your targets.
  4. You will know what their preferences are and what they don’t want. This is a definite advantage for reaching people.
  5. You will be able to put content on your media in line with the different determined profiles.
  6. On the internet, putting content adapted to your targets will allow you to generate traffic from those who are genuinely interested in your products or services.

How To Do It?

To have a chance of putting in place the right buyer persona, you have to ask yourself the right questions. To help you, we offer a list of questions to adapt according to your business. They will be different if you work in B2B or B2C.

  1. The age and gender of your persona
  2. His socio-professional category
  3. What motivates or hinders him
  4. Their home address or region
  5. The type of schedule
  6. Where is he looking for info
  7. Preferred modes of communication

There are a plethora of questions to set up depending on your industry and your expectations.

Define The Personality of Your Buyer Persona

  1. You can ask yourself questions about his story, his passions, and what he does outside of professional life.
  2. What relationship does he have with your company?
  3. Is he a customer or a prospect?
  4. Does he need a service?
  5. What opinion does he have of your structure?
  6. What motivates him to choose you over your competitor?
  7. Are there unique benefits to each profile that you can highlight to attract a particular prospect?
  8. Why does he not buy your product?
  9. Are there solutions to limit the brakes?
  10. What prompted him to come to your site?
  11. What pages does he see the most?
  12. What medium brought him to you?
Buyers Persona and Buyer Persona Tools - BainsLabs | Digital Marketing Agency in Toronto

Buyer Persona Building Tools

Need to create or update the standard profile of your prospects? There are tools to help you identify the personality, habits, and needs of your future customers.

  1. SurveyMonkey
  2. UserForge
  3. Social media analytics tools
  4. Up Close & Persona
  5. Personapp
  6. Make My Persona
  7. Xtensio
  8. UXPressia
  9. Marketing Persona Generator

Now that you have learned about the importance of Buyer Persona and buyer persona building tools, so if you are looking for an expert, we can help you. Being a digital marketing agency in Toronto, Canada, we can offer you the required assistance. Feel free to contact one of our digital marketing experts.