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Big Data and business intelligence are designed to act together and increase the relevance of data, which ultimately turns information into the company’s most important asset.

Business Intelligence (BI) is one of the basic concepts of data processing, but joining it to Big Data produces a radical reinvention of the initial concept. In this article, we will learn about the conjunction of big data and business intelligence.

As we have already learned – Big Data is designed to capture and store large volumes of data, whereas business intelligence tools are responsible for carrying out the analysis of the same information. Although big data and business intelligence both are different, still both are complementary and help organizations to achieve a 360 view of the business. This consequently enables them to make the right decisions based on data.

Furthermore, the conjunction of big data and business intelligence transforms collected data into knowledge, which allow clients to have innovative services and experiences. Should you hire an expert for the conjunction of big data and business intelligence, you can provide impressive customer experiences.

But to make this conjunction useful, you need to avoid three common mistakes:

Lack of Skills:

To exploit the potential of information, you need to have an experience with associated tools, and you must work on innovative data strategies. Whether an analyst, statistician, data scientist, or other IT professional, besides having technical knowledge of big data and business intelligence, it is necessary to have a business vision. Also, you should be knowing what are the questions that could be asked and decide how to act on the answers.

Focus on Technology and Tools:

It is important to look for the business context in each initiative. Focusing on technology investment without a clear purpose aligned with business goals does not help provide answers, define business strategy, or achieve better business results.

Agility and Rapid Response:

The world of Big Data and Business Intelligence is a dynamic environment where every second counts. The delays caused by manual processes, the lack of resolution in systems architecture renovation projects, or the extension of the deadlines associated with the development of solutions lead to obsolescence and, therefore, create a gap between business and its objectives.

To achieve real-time analysis capacity, new business models require a new generation of BI tools that include real-time analysis and assets from different operational sources. The goal is to achieve relevant patterns and achieve greater agility.

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