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With an abrupt rise in the demand for IoT products, the industry is growing by leaps and bounds. Although these IoT products made our life easier, privacy and security issues can not be ignored. A recent study claimed that “the internet of things” (IoT) could dramatically endanger your privacy. Keeping this threat in mind, we hereby would like to share some of the tips that can save you from the privacy leak.

Share Carefully

Be careful what you ask for, they say. In simpler terms, the protection of your privacy is in your hands. A little care while sharing things online can save you from a huge disappointment. You just need to teach your kids to not to share everything over these IoT products. Just check, whether your baby girl’s IoT robot uploading her voice recordings? Whether your smart refrigerator lets your manufacturer learn about your eating patterns. No doubt, the more you share on these IoT products, the easier your life will become. However, at the same, sharing too much means making your privacy vulnerable. So, only share things that you would like the world to know about.

Password  Protection

This is the easiest way to protect your privacy. Whether you are using a webcam, wifi router, wifi camera, or any other IoT product, make it password protected. Do not forget to change the default password – the admin/admin ones. If you have purchased something that is not letting you change the default passwords, it is better to replace it. Always choose a complex password instead of an easier one.

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Software or Firmware Upgrades

Firmware upgrades or software upgrades are a must. The companies sending you updates are serious about their brand and products. Through these updates, they manage to make your product as securest as possible. These firmware updates are very important as they are mostly about security patches, bugs, and virus/trojan threats. Do not consider these updates useless. Spending some internet data and time on these upgrades can ensure privacy protection.

Protect Your Camera

Hope you know, that hackers can access your smart tv or laptop’s camera even if they are not switched on? They know how to turn them on without your intervention. Therefore, if you are using these gadgets, it is better to cover your camera until they are not in use. You can buy camera covers from any online eCommerce store. Alternatively, you can use a sticky note or some duct tape to cover them up.

Protect Your IoT Wearables

Nowadays, most people are wearing smartwatches, which are always connected with their associated mobile devices. Now, should you leave your wearables like orphans, you giving free access to the hackers? These IoT smartwatches are perfect transmitters of information, and they can transmit your private information stored over your mobile to anyone who is “listening.” Through these wearables, hackers can track your routine movements.

Don’t Fall For Cheaper Options

Undoubtedly, to survive the competition, several IoT product builders are coming up with cheaper options. Instead of taking their customers’ data seriously, they offer products with security breaches. Although a $10.00 cam may seem like a golden deal, however, it could cost you a lot more than you expect.

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