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One of the main objectives of a web page in a real estate agency is to generate sales opportunities, but for this objective to be carried out, the page must meet some requirements.

Perhaps you have already created the website of your real estate agency, but it does not give you the results you want, or you may be thinking of creating it. If you are facing the same difficulties, then please check if your website has characteristics that bring in sales.

User Experience

Right now, both developers and companies are interested in the user having a browsing experience that invites them to stay on the web, so that they finally end up filling out the contact form, either for an agent to contact them or, in our case, to visit one of the advertised properties.

In order for the experience of your future clients to be the best, we have to ensure that when they are browsing, they can move within the web without inconvenience or stopping to think about where they can request information. Your navigation must be fast, and above all, you must find what you are looking for.

The above implies that the web must be intuitive and simple to use, but it must also be responsive, which means that its navigation must be the best on any device.

Information About The Real Estate Agency

We are all interested in knowing who is behind the company, and in this sense, it is important that your clients know you , that they know which professionals will work to help them find their property.

It is not true that many web pages have a “who we are” or “about us” section. So, if you do not have this section on your website or are thinking of creating it, the first thing you will have to do is get to know your audience, find out what interests them, and learn what they expect from your business.

Value Content

Content can be one of the most powerful elements to attract future customers to your website. Well, the information you give users will be the ideal hook for them to ask about one of your properties, but it will also help generate trust and closeness.

For example, an article on mortgage types, aspects to take into account before buying a new property, or ideas for decorating terraces are examples of content that users will value.


Buttons with a call to action should not be missing from your web page, since it is useless to have wonderful content and design if your future clients cannot find a contact button on the web.

Remember that the website of your real estate agency needs a call to action that invites you to leave your information, request information, or speak with an agent.

SEO Positioning

Last but not least, you should work on positioning. This includes the architecture of the web page, its speed, descriptions, meta descriptions, keywords, links, alt titles in the images, and all work focused on optimizing positioning in Internet search engines.
Therefore, if you have finished reading this text and you see that some of these aspects are not present on your website, it is time to take action and make way for the optimization and growth of your real estate business.

If you are in the real estate business and looking for a digital transformation, feel free to contact us. We have been working with this industry for the last decade. Share your requirements, and our experts will be in touch with you.