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Advertising campaigns in the Real Estate sector aim to generate business both in the sale and rental of real estate. In recent years, the ways of advertising have changed. Earlier, the most common thing was to design a flyer to promote the apartments we had for sale, now the use of online and offline media complements advertising strategies in order to reach a wider audience.

What is an advertising campaign?

Advertising campaigns are part of a communication strategy that generally aims to promote or disseminate a product or service.
In the real estate sector, advertising campaigns require a different approach. Let’s remember that a person looking for a home to rent or buy is making a life decision, a decision that is not taken lightly and that requires several visits to the property, conversations, negotiations, and surely visiting not just one but two or up to three real estate agencies to find the perfect property.

Therefore, when launching an advertising campaign, aspects such as the following must be taken into account:

Use Catchy Phrases

When you start planning your online or offline marketing strategy, remember that you always have to address your target audience. Do not use far-fetched phrases, but rather copies that engage and attract your users and invite them to learn about the services you offer.

Use a language in which your user feels at ease. In general, ads alluding to the family or those with deep messages in which empathy is perceived, are the most effective.

Use A Few Images

Yes, you may say, but how few images? Well, yes, with this, we seek to have future clients contact us.

With this, we have the opportunity to have much closer contact with the client, providing a unique experience that will lead us to close the sale.
You will say then, but why do real estate portals ask you to upload many photos of the properties to the ads that are displayed? This is because they want users to spend much longer browsing the portal, with little chance of making contact or generating a lead.

Offer Promotions

Real estate ads that offer their future clients some kind of benefit for contacting them increase their conversion rate by more than 80%. Yes, let’s not tell lies, we all like to be given something as a gift or access some type of promotion.

In our case, for example, you can offer a free appraisal of the property or you can create an informative guide on what should be taken into account when purchasing a home. This is very valuable information that very few customers know about, and it is still complex.

Allocate A Budget

All advertising campaigns, both online and offline, require planning and budgeting. For example, if in your case you want to bet on online strategies, you will have to define very well what type of campaign you will carry out, for how long, the scope it will have, and its periodicity.
In this sense, you can create Facebook campaigns at a very low cost, focused on a specific target audience, written with short sentences, but with a clear call to action and a maximum of 4 or 5 photos that must be of optimal quality.

In the same way, Google Ads gives better visibility and positioning to your real estate agency. Like Facebook, in Google Ads, you can start with a low budget, but carefully analyze its methodology.

Finally, you can dedicate a budget to advertising on real estate portals. There are several in which the ads are free, but with limited functionality, or also choose a payment plan with which you have more visibility and benefits that generate quality leads.

If you are in the real estate business and looking for a digital transformation, feel free to contact us. We have been working with this industry for the last decade. Share your requirements, and our experts will be in touch with you.