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Before you hire a software developer, it is good to gain some basic understanding of the two most prevailing software development models. Although there are other models available, yet the waterfall and agile software development are the two most popular and embraced methods. These are known as Waterfall and Agile. In this article, we will be talking about these two methods. At the end of this article, you will be able to have a clear understanding of these software development models.

Waterfall Software Development Model

As the name indicates, the waterfall is a linear software development model. This software development method works on an assumption that the software development process is linear. The waterfall software development model is further broken in 7 steps:
  • Requirements Freezing
  • Design
  • Implementation
  • Integration
  • Testing
  • Installation
  • Maintenance
The main idea of the waterfall software development method is that there is no way of going to the next stage without finishing the current stage of development. Although this method of software development works well, yet there are two fundamental issues with this model:
  • Testing (validation and verification) takes a lot of time.
  • Under this methodology, it is almost impossible to find the complete requirements of a client, while working with him.
Due to these two issues, the chances of the project’s success automatically decline. However, there is an improved waterfall model, which is known as Model V. This method aims at putting a testing level near each level of development. Although there are many articles and studies that the waterfall or V model is not suitable for software development, it is still worth noting that there are cases where due to possible risks, this model is the only functional model. In industries like automotive, nuclear, aerospace, and software for cars, trains, planes, nuclear power plants, where special attention and well documented, logically analyzed requirements area must; model V is the best software development method.

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Agile Software Development Method

Agile is a very recently developed methodology (or more correctly, a group of methodologies) based on an agile statement. This method deals with the shortcomings of traditional software development methodologies. Agile methods give priority to customer participation right from the beginning of the development cycle. Under this methodology, testing occurs at each point when a stable version becomes available. Under this methodology, teams conduct tests from the start of the project and continue until the end. Scrum and Extreme programming are two of the most popular agile methods. Not only testers, but the team is responsible for the quality. And, this is the key value of the agile software development method. To break software into smaller, manageable parts, and to deliver them to the customer very quickly, is another important aspect of agile methodology. These smaller parts are known as sprints in Scrum.
We hope, now you a basic idea of these two methodologies. It is not easier for you to choose a firm for your software development based on its development methodology.
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