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Mobiles are becoming an integral part of our life and so are mobile applications. Nowadays, if you are a business owner, you must have a mobile app for your business. In case of failure, be prepared for losing a majority of customers. Now, not every business-owner is tech-savvy and developing a mobile application is not an easy thing to do. You need specialists for this job. Before you talk to a mobile application developer, you must have an answer for one basic question – type of your mobile app. You will be asked, whether you want a native app, web based app or hybrid app. Let us understand why you should go for native app development.

Native Apps

Native apps are apps built using native platform languages. In the case of an iOS app (for iPhones), Objective-C (XCode tool) is used. For Android, eclipse or Android Studio is used. And, for Windows phones, C # is the language. The main advantage of native applications is their performance. Best performance includes fast and fluid animations as well as full access to phone resources, multi-touch support as well as the latest APIs. Developing native applications is far from easy. Despite the existence of wealthy information resources, it may not be correctly understood by everyone. The code must be written specifically for each platform. Logic may be the same, but there is a difference between APIs and the development process. This process may be relatively long for complex applications. Before deciding on the development of a native application, you have to answer the following questions:

Is Your App Going to Use Device’s Other Functionalities and Hardware?

Native applications run on the device’s operating system and unlike the web browser, these apps can make full use of the device’s other functionalities and hardware such as GPS, Bluetooth, SMS, etc.

Is Your Application Going To Push The Device’s Hardware To The Maximum?

If your app demands high performance, then you must develop your app in a native application. Games like Angry Birds or Infinity Blade are built as native applications just to get the most out of the hardware and function of the operating system. Though you can run these games in a mobile browser, however, you cannot expect the same amount of performance that you can have, when running it on an application.

Is Your Application Downloadable?

All downloadable apps must be developed on native platforms. The process by which a user obtains a native application is well defined.

Native applications are sent to the app store, like Google Play or Apple’s app store. They all go through an approval process before they can be downloaded.

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Do You Want To Earn Money From Your Application?

Application stores offer a standard on the monetization of your app, allowing your organization to charge money for your app. In any case, app stores charge a certain percentage of the transaction (Ex: 30% of the Apple App Store) and any online purchase within that store.

When you should not go for native app development –

  • If you are short on time and you want to launch at the earliest possible.
  • If you do not have consistent and devoted users.
  • If you do not have the necessary back-end infrastructure

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